Note for the authors

Dernière mise à jour:
Dear authors.

We do have a lot of comics to dub, and we always check if the author is willing to accept their work to be dubbed. We always pay attention to correctly credit the artist by providing their @ in the social network they are, or if not possible, a link to their work. We also include their artist name inside the video itself in the case of YouTube and Tiktok.

But we’re aware that some authors might not want their work dubbed. We have internally a list of the authors whose work have been dubbed or is about to be. If you don’t want your work to be dubbed, or if by mistake we dubbed a work from you while you not wanting it, you can contact us to ask us to not dub your work anymore and can even ask your dubbed work to be removed everywhere. We will comply ASAP. We do care about authors’ opinions.

You can contact us by the following ways:

Thank you for doing these awesome comics, and we hope you will like our dubs, even if it’s not in your language. (though, on YouTube, they have translated subs)